Bumps on Nipples: Causes, Pregnant, White Spots, Swollen Glands, Treatment

Spots that look like pimples can form anywhere on the body. In fact, the appearance of such bumps on nipples of breast can be discouraging. With so much fear over breast cancer and other related disorders, a bump that form on nipple can make you switch into panic mode. Luckily, most strange looking little pimples on [...]

White Spots on Eyelids: inside, Pictures, Bump, Cholesterol, Get Rid, Treatment

Spots that form on your eyelids can be caused by a number of conditions. They can appear as eyelid cysts, white pimples or lumps on eyelid. The spots that occur on your eye can grow on the eyelid rim, under eyelid, inside eyelid and even above or on upper eyelid. Antibiotic treatments can get rid of [...]

Bumps in Ear, Itchy, on Cartilage, Earlobe, Canal, Top Causes, Treatment

Lumps inside the ear often appear overnight, causing discomfort and making it difficult to hear in some cases. Although an ear bump is not usually a sign of serious conditions, some of the bumps can be cancerous. Your doctor can determine the proper course of treatment for your bump after examining the type and cause of [...]

Bumps behind Ears: Small, Pimples, Itchy, Rash, Lump, Baby, Pea Sized, Abscess, Pictures, Treatment

A lump behind your ear can be painful or painless. To add on that, they can be small or large, soft or hard etc. Most people describe it as a pea sized bump behind the ear lobe or a strange lump near ear. When swollen, this kind of bumps can hurt or become sore to touch. [...]

Bumps on Inner Lip: Upper, Clear, Water Blister, Mucous Cyst, Home Remedy, Pictures, Treatment

If you have pimples inside your lips, they could be caused by cold sores, which include canker sores, mucous cysts, oral lichen planus and inflamed papillae. You will generally feel pimple like bump on inside mouth. They do affect toddlers, teenagers or even adults. In terms of location, these pimples can be on the surface inside [...]

Bumps on Bottom of Foot: Itchy, Painful Lump, Under Skin, near Toes, Hurts to Walk

A bump on the bottom of your foot, which is also called nodule, lump, tumor, cyst or contusion, is a localized episode of swelling, or growth that is apparent on the foot. This can be as a result of numerous conditions, including inflammation, infection or trauma. The bumps can be accompanied by pain or at times [...]

Bumps on Nose: not Acne, Pimples, Bridge, Under Skin, Side, Causes, Treatment

What causes bumps on your nose? An insight into bumps on nose, not acne, pimples, bridge, under skin, side, causes, fibrous papule, treatment. Bumps on Nose Causes Bump on nose In adolescents, acne is most associated with the hormonal surges that occurs during puberty. When adults have bumps on nose or somewhere else, then [...]

Bumps on Back of Head: Skull, Painful, Neck, after Haircut, Causes, Treatment

What causes bumps on back of skull? An insight into bumps on back of head, skull, painful, neck, after haircut, causes and treatment. Bumps on Back of Head Causes Bumps on back of head Acne is a skin condition which affects hair follicles, mainly on the face, but also the chest, back, as well as [...]

Bumps on Back of Arms: White, Itchy, Small, Forearms, Causes, Get Rid, Remedy

If you have little red or black bumps in patches on your upper arms, backside, or thighs that resemble chicken skin and occasionally itch, you probably have a genetic skin disorder called keratosis pilaris. Keratosis pilaris is common, especially among people who already have dry skin or eczema. The cause is an accumulation of keratin, a protective [...]