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Yeast Infection in Women, How long does it last, How to Cure, Get Rid, Fast, at Home

Studies reveal that women are highly prone to yeast infection as compared to men. A vaginal yeast infection is a fungal infection that is characterized by irritation, a yellowish discharge, and increased itchiness from the vagina and vulva. It is also referred to as vaginitis or vaginal candidiasis. Research has revealed that this condition affects up [...]

What Causes Nose Bleed? Children, Frequent, Clots, Headaches, Stress, Adults, How To Stop

What can cause nosebleeds at night? What causes random nose bleeds? What do you do if your nose won’t stop bleeding? What does it mean when you get frequent nosebleeds? Get more insight on what causes nose bleed and how to stop nose bleeding. Why Do I Keep Getting Nose Bleeds Nosebleeds are common and may [...]

Early Signs of Pregnancy Discharge, Look and Feel like, Pictures, First Sign 1st Week

During pregnancy, there are many changes that a woman may go through some which can result in discomfort. Changes that occur in the early pregnancy in your vaginal discharge are usually due to normal hormonal fluctuations and pregnancy progress. A discharge that is not normal can be a sign of infection in the cervix, vagina or [...]

Yeast Infection Bumps, What does it Look Like, Sores, Causes, Get Rid, Treatment

Also referred to candidiasis albicans, yeast infection is a common condition that affects areas that are mostly moist on your body. This may include under your breast, in the armpit, in the groin, buttocks, in the vagina and even penis. Usually, yeast infection occurs due to an overgrowth of a naturally existing yeast or candida on [...]

How To Stop Excessive Sweating, Causes, Face, Head, Pills, Natural Remedies

How do you get rid of excessive sweating? How can I stop sweating so much? Why do some people sweat so much? How do you stop sweating a lot? Get more insight into the causes of excessive sweating, and some of the treatments to be used to curb the condition. Excessive Sweating The medical term for [...]

My Throat Hurts when I Swallow, Sharp Pain, on One Side, Home Remedies, not Sick

Is your throat hurting? Or is your throat painful when swallowing? This article provides a detailed, insightful view on causes of a hurting throat, care instructions, home remedies and when to see a doctor. My Throat Hurts when I Swallow Swallowing involves many nerves and muscles in the mouth, throat area and the esophagus (tube that [...]

Apple Cider Vinegar UTI, White, Pain, Bath, Braggs, Bladder, Coconut, Urination, Fast

Are baths good for UTI? How do you make urinary tract infection go away? Can you take a bath if you have a UTI? How can you get rid of a bladder infection? Get more insight about how white vinegar work, pain and irritation caused by UTI, Braggs and use of home remedies. Urinary Tract Infection [...]

White Discharge during Pregnancy, First, Third, Second Trimester

It is very normal for a woman to secrete a white discharge starting from the period of conception until the baby is born. This secretion is normally referred to as leukorrhea, which is an odorless, or sometimes a bit smelly creamy white discharge that may be you ever had before you got pregnant. The discharge may [...]